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29 Januari 2010 at 9:42 PM 3 komentar

It is verry cool


Online Soulmate

Most of people are probably already have many blog site in Wordprees, Bloger, MySpace, MyOpera, SocialGo, extra-blogs, etc..
Did you know that your blogs from any origin can be displayed on facebook?
WOOW, can we are blogging on facebook??
You know, the Blog is a medium to channel all the ideas, opinions, or whatever we want to convey to others. Than, facebook is a social networking site into a tool that many people can relate to each other more closely despite the distance separating them.

Well, it is verry verry cool and must be more exciting if social networking sites like facebook can be combined with a blog site that we created for the publication of our blog will be more easily accessed by friends on facebook profile and you would have added point value.

We have been looking at a facebook application, but nobody like that ?
That is right because this is not the original application from facebook, but it is the result of cooperation between the Simplaris Blogcast with the facebook.


Step One:

1. It is sure must login to your facebook account. See box / search field (search) at the top right corner. Now, type the name of the application we’re looking for is: Simplaris Blogcast, and click the seeker button (the magnifying glass icon).
2. After the application is found, click on the link name of the application [Simplaris Blogcast]
3. In the application main page, click [Go to Application]
4. In the new window that appears click [Allow] to log into the application Simplaris Blogcast.

Step Two:
When your login are successfully, the window will immediately appear in the form of blog of data form and we must to fill it.
1. Enter your blog feed address in the colum of Feed Blog URL (http:// … … … … … …)
2. Click the [Lets Blogcast] buttons
3. The window display will appear with no content feed or blog article.
4. Select/ click [Link Update] buttons.
The Simplaris Blogcast will examine all contents of your blog.

Step Three:
Go to the Simplaris Blogcast application.

1. Click the [Settings] buttons to make arrangements, a new windowwill open on your blogcast settings

2. please make arrangements, which among others contains about: whether the update will be done automatically or not, your blog name, length of post (excerpts of each blog title) is displayed, the number of titles published blogs, and placement of blogs on your facebook page will be installed on the profile page or on the box.

3. When you select a profile posted on the page, you’ll immediately slide into your profile page. The boxes will appear for the placement of impressions blogcast. click [KEEP]

4. Return to the settings page. Select the blog titles that you want  to display on the frofile facebook blogcast. click the [+ Add Item] buttons on the list of your blog writing.

5. Done in all ever ? Check again until solid. Sure setting is complete? please click [SAVE]

Well, now go back to your facebook account profile…., and  ?
Abracadabra … .. … … .. !
The facebook page have already included your blog postings.
Are you smile when looking your blog post on facebook?
Hahaha … You must smile !!. This is normal. In certainly having an happy heart, accompanied with the sweetest smile. In the little things like this we can narcis ….
Wo ho ho …. it is cool, you are cool ……… !!

It was not prohibited, even you are advised to do a lot of positive things that can trigger an NARCIS you as a man or a girl who always wanted to go forward and become the best among the good. Do You agree ?

I come from Indonesia ……. do you know where my land place ?
I’m sorry if my English is not good and you find difficult to understand.
I will always try to write in English with more better.
I like to friendship with all people from around the wordl.
It is my e-mail :

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Ayoo Ngeblog di facebook…….. ! Membaca KARAKTER FACEBOOKER DARI STATUS UPDATE

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